About Us

Our Approach

We design solutions for built environment to achieve high performance space function. This is done by adopting the following methodology. Our mission is to foster a strong and vibrant culture of providing solution by using passive environmental solutions and later involve technology solutions to enhance efficiency and solve problems.

Our Story

We thoughtfully combine our deep understanding of built environment, people & businesses, and design solutions that would help your space reach full potential. Available and projected technologies are weighted and design is conceptualized, This helps in easy adoption of future technologies with minimal disruption to create a building or urban living which is smart, sensible and sensitive to environment.

Meet the Team

Milind Mantravadi

Founder & Principal,
Milind is an Architect and Technology consultant for buildings, with overall 15 years of experience in building design, sustainability, IBMS ( integrated building management systems ) and IOT based smart design. Milind has worked extensively with architects, interior designers, MEP design consultants, IT and BMS OEMs to achieve a high performance intelligent and sustainable buildings.

Over the years, by providing design consultancy in sustainability and Technology design, Milind  has gained deep understanding of sustainable urban development and how smart technology and urban analytics can be combined to create solutions for the smart buildings and cities of the future.

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