What we Do


- 01


  • Architectural design optimization
  • Energy efficient buildings
  • LEED certification
  • WELLS certification
  • Human Thermal comfort analysis
  • Day light and electric illumination design
- 02


  • Information Communication technology
  • Data, Voice, Wifi design
  • IT infrastructure
  • Audio Visual Design
  • Digital Signage and large displays
- 03


  • BMS over IOT ( smart space concept)
  • Security- CCTV, access control, Perimeter site CPTED concepts
  • Parking Management System
  • Pedestrian and Vehicular circulation
  • Vulnerability and Threat Audit.
- 04

Acoustics & Noise

  • Architectural acoustics
  • MEP Noise and vibration
  • Environmental and Building Shell

Consultancy phases

- 01

Concept Stage

We have found that the initial stages of design can be the most influential to the success of the project. During the concept design stage, it would be our intention to carry out a review of the key drivers and any key issues that need to be accommodated. We would also identify options for any alternative approaches to the design which may have economical performance , buildability benefits, ROI and overall sustainability.

- 02

Schematic Design

On approval of the concept stage, the proposal moves towards the drawing boards where in the concepts are expressed on the spatial space drawings. Discussions are held between different stake holders to figure out, the best fit without compromising on the concept and owners intent.

- 03

Detailed Design

On approval of the schematic stage, The detailed integration, interoperability is worked out and scheme with drawings, specs, and budgetary estimate and projected time lines is released. This stage can be describes as a pre tender stage.

- 04

Tender Stage

On approval of the detailed design stage, The proposal is further fine tuned with details like list of preferred vendors & integrators, alignment of specs and brands as per client review on budget, and documentation of commercial documents. One number –Pre-bid, Two technical and 3 number of commercial negotiation * meetings are organized as per client instructions. *- we attend commercial negotiation only upon request by client / owner.

- 05

Implementation Management

Our Engineers and Principals shall visit site to check the implementation process and compliance with design and specification. The frequency is decided upon mutual decision between owners and Green Matrix 

- 06

Commissioning Consulting

As Commissioning Consulting Agents we organizes and monitors the commissioning activities, supervises and witnesses the completion of all commissioning inspection, verification and testing as per programme plan.

Finally we see that the systems work exactly as per intended in the design and works, performs with other building systems.